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Jaconello Wellness Clinic gave The Sumerian Golem a Free Spa and Ozone Sauna Treatment

It was just after 11am on a rainy Thursday October 27th 2016, when a Sumerian Golem showed up to our wellness center (at 615 Yonge St in downtown Toronto) to get a free sauna and spa treatment.

This wrestler arrived as per a request received, and an invitation sent weeks earlier through Hutch Henries, the manager at the Hogtown Wrestling league.

Hogtown Wrestling is the new name for Victory Commonwealth Wrestling which was something of a legacy brand for live wrestling entertainment in this city. The organization has multiple wrestling discussion forums digesting their monthly events as presented on a regularly scheduled Rogers TV show, and a devoted Facebook following. Hogtown Wrestling took over the TV slot from VCW just a few months ago (the ink is probably still wet on the #HogtownPro event signage), and since then the roster of professional wrestlers has grown in size (they’ve added a meetup event to recruit new talent), and so have the crowds. The #HogtownPro live wrestling events have never been so well attended … and so well performed.

With this success in mind, we agreed to offer their star athlete and reigning champion some health assessments and whatever free treatments he might find beneficial at our clinic. But to our surprise instead of seeing the reigning champion Goliath Ayala, a more menacing wrestler appeared in his place.

The Sumerian Golem is a masked wrestler who doesn’t speak, so we were glad Hutch Henries was on hand to coax the giant into the necessary waiting rooms. We proceeded through the assessment to get a physical examination to gain the knowledge we need to prescribe some helpful treatments.

Then we did a brief intake with the doctor where we presented our data for his prognosis.

Then one of our most attentive staff members, Maya Fabiszak Environmental Health & Nutritional Consultant, took over and led our largest patient around the facility, making stops in all the right places.

The Golem drank a pint of ozonated water which was infused with an orange nutrient …

The Golem experienced a RecoverYou Ozone steam sauna treatment, which he liked very much, we think. Maya did all the talking.

The Sumerian Golem is a masked wrestler who doesn’t speak experienced a RecoverYou Ozone steam sauna treatment with Maya Fabiszak Environmental Health & Nutritional Consultant at Jaconello Wellness Centre.

While reclining on a table The Golem was next subjected to a BIA test, or a Body composition testing (body impedance analysis) that analyzes cellular health, and the structural integrity of the cells which is key BIO marker of aging.

We also calculated Golem’s fat mass versa lean body mass and worked out the percentage, and did more tests to check for chronic body dehydration, his current toxins status, and his cellular nutritional status. I can report that everything was within normal parameters here, only so his many and devoted wrestling fans don’t get concerned, but generally speaking, we keep the results of each examination confidential.

Next the Sumerian Golem patiently endured an IV drip, and we all watched for his reaction as the nurse needled his arm – but he didn’t even seem to notice the stab. Maya ordered up a rehydration drip, but she could have just as easily selected a Myers (multi vitamin drip), or even our Executive Drip with adrenal support, or the anti-viral drip for fast cold recovery.

As the Sumerian Golem left the facility, he carried away some gifts; he clutched in his arms a big can of protein powder for building lean body mass, and another recommended detoxification product, and a box of the much-coveted Raspberry gelatin meal, everyone’s favourite Ideal protein weight loss food.

Come back soon Golem.

And Hutch you can still bring the Champ by anytime.