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Rejuvenate: Anti-Aging Program

Memory loss strikes fear into many baby boomers, but memory loss is just one of the symptoms of aging.

The 3 major symptoms are:

a) Muscle mass loss, one of the most important determination of biological aging. Aging muscle fails to build up due to the accumulation of hormonal and immunological changes over time due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

b) Energy loss: without energy the body will die so it is a vital commodity that the body needs to repair and regenerate itself.

c) Cognitive decline, one of the most feared and daunting effects of aging.

What causes these changes?

There are many triggers which create adverse changes in the body. Biological aging is associated with functional deficits at the cellular, tissue, organ and system levels.

The most disruptive of these deficits are caused by environmental toxins, environmental exposure to industrial compounds such as heavy metals and other chemicals and drugs which are virtually all around us. Other disruptive elements are poor food full of additives, stressful relationships at work or home, poor exercise habits, low grade chronic infections.

How to rejuvenate your body

Rejuvenating the body is not a one shot approach. It involves various changes in different activities in a balanced and scientific approach with each individual’s unique needs in mind.

1. DETOXIFY. If you have any health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or hardening of the arteries. Get it checked out, usually you will find that body toxicity in a high range is at the bottom of it. Another important factor in detoxification is the health of mitochondria. This is the cell where the production of energy occurs. It is the power plant of the cell and thus the whole body. Without a well functioning mitochondria the basic bodily functions will break down. Mitochondria are susceptible to oxidative stress and toxins. Today’s environment is loaded with toxins, from food additives, GMO and pesticide loaded soil and food, not to mention plastic products full of chemicals. Chemicals which are being released into the air and water to radiation from various sources such as cell phone towers.

Detoxification today is a necessary part in staying young and healthy. Detoxification methods used are: chelation, sauna programs, ozone sauna treatments and PlaqueX to cleanse and rid the body of toxic buildup. They are all valid therapies in helping to get rid of these toxins and is essential to allow the dietary and nutritional foods to work properly.

2. REPLENISH AND REBUILD. The cell is as functional as the ATP production is efficient and as the cell walls are intact. ATP is the source of energy that keeps everything going. It is a biochemical way to store and use energy. There are tests to determine the state of the cell wall which is the Intravenous Treatmentsindicator of age. You are as young as the cell walls are strong. After years of damage the cell walls have lost their integrity. Detoxification alone will not fully repair the damage. Very specific nutritional supplements and intravenous treatments are required to help rebuild and strengthen the cell walls.

3. INCREASE YOUR OXYGEN CONSUMPTION. Proper exercise habits such as cardiovascular and resistance training helps lessen muscle loss. The exercise program is based on individual needs as they differ from person to person. Some people recover faster than others and their nutritional needs may differ as well. Get the right program for you. It could be use of EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy). 

EWOT  traditionally uses the breathing of pure oxygen while exercising to enhance performance and energy. The EWOT sauna sessions use that same concept, but rather than exercise, patients sit comfortably in a sauna while breathing oxygen.

The result of EWOT  is improvement in the oxygen-uptake and the oxygen-utilization within the tissues. When additional oxygen is available, the body naturally responds. The plasma absorbs the oxygen working it into the body’s cells and tissue. This in turn improves all body functions, boosts metabolism and immune system functions.

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) sauna session

Ozone treatments increase the energy production within a cell directly influencing the ATP production in the mitochondria. A body is basically a carbon oxygen engine which runs at 98.6 converting heat energy into mechanical work. To run at all the body needs fuel which can be combusted by oxygen to produce heat and energy. It also needs fuel from food in the form of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Carbohydrates are the body’s main fuel which brings us to the next point.

Vegetable diet4. FIND YOUR BEST DIET. A diet high in refined carbohydrates, trans fatty acids and other toxic foods, high in additives including artificial sweeteners bring about a variety of metabolic disorders. You want to regulate your blood glucose levels and blood sugar levels. Proper nutrition is a correct balance between healthy oils/fats, protein and carbohydrates. Dietary changes should include nutritional supplements as well. Get help in finding out the best diet for you as diets work differently from individual to individual.

Exercise5. EXERCISE. Proper exercise habits such as cardiovascular and resistance training helps lessen muscle loss. The key point is to find the right programme for you and to maintain it. If you have any health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or hardening of the arteries get proper treatment.

6. GET ADEQUATE SLEEP. Adequate sleep is essential and lack of it can cause degeneration in cognitive function.

7. REMOVE ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSORS. Detoxification methods (chelation, different sauna programmes, ozone treatments and more) cleanse and rid the body of toxic buildup through the years. Another device which helps intercellular communication is PEMF (pulsating electromagnetic frequencies). This device is often compared to cellular exercise. Getting rid of these toxins through the different detoxification methods allows the dietary and nutritional foods to work properly.

pulsating electromagnetic frequencies

How does this all work to rejuvenate the body?

Aging is a complicated process involving many different parts of the body’s systems, so anti-aging also involves many different parts.

Get help from the experts!

In order to get the best program for your body, a proper diet, the best exercise program for you and advise on how to get rid of the environmental stressors contact Jaconello Wellness Centre for Integrative and Anti-Aging Medicine.

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