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  • Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) device with iMRS

    March 16, 2012

    What is PEMF?

    IMRS (integrated Magnetic Resolution System) is a device using a technology of Pulsating Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The positive effects of PEMF use have been known for decades and the results of the application have been the subject of numerous scientific studies. The iMRS works like a battery recharger to the 70 trillion cells in your body. Basically, in layman’s terms, the low-frequency pulses create a brief, intense voltage around each cell. The mitochondria, the power centre within each cell, grabs some of this energy. This, in turn, makes the cell more efficient at producing energy and delivering oxygen throughout the body. In other words, PEMF works like a “spark plug” for energy production in the cell.
    The iMRS is a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced German engineered system that emits a very specific and focused form of beneficial pulse energy waves that are similar to the energy frequencies produced by the earth and the human body. This encourages every cell to find and vibrate in resonance with its own frequency therefore balancing the body’s electromagnetic system in a non-invasive way.

    Not all magnetic fields are the same
    The latest insights gathered through scientific and medical research show that not every of magnetic field is effective in promoting optimal health in living organisms. It is now know that pulsating oscillations that mimic the vibrations of the Earth’s own magnetic field can benefit every cell of our body, as long as they have the correct intensity, information content and resonance characteristics. How? By recharging our current conducting cell membranes through precisely regulated electromagnetic field. When all the body’s cells are simultaneously stimulated with natural, resonant electromagnetic vibrations, cell vitality increases, metabolism is enhanced and total body energy is improved. This is the power of intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS).

    The iMRS system generates specific controlled electromagnetic fields that can be used safely in a self-care program at home. The iMRS system may be combined with other types of therapeutic approaches for enhanced results.

    IMRS restores lost energy and crippled cellular resonance to a normal, healthy state of vibration. The effect of one 8-minutes application of iMRS lasts up to 4-6 hours in healthy people.

    As a result of regular use of the iMRS system
    •   the entire cell metabolism maybe stimulated
    •   blood cells are regenerated
    •   blood supply moves more freely and with more oxygen
    •   the immune system is strengthened
    •   vitamins and minerals are better absorbed
    •   the respiratory system becomes more efficient
    •   the nervous system is relaxed
    •   bone structure becomes more dense
    •   organs such as liver, kidneys, and spleen are able to detoxify, ridding
    themselves of impurities and regaining their designated bodily functions

    An ancient science rediscovered. Over 4,000 years of use and experience

    Magnetic field therapy is one of the world’s oldest forms of healing. It was at the center of the medical philosophy and practice of the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and South American Indians. The medieval Swiss alchemist, physician and astronomer, Paracelsus, documented the efficacy of magnetic fields in the 1500’s. He is still regarded as the first pioneer of modern magnetic field therapy. In the 20th Century, the first clinical studies were conducted in Russia and Japan, followed by groundbreaking research in Germany by Professors Lechner and Ascherl. Today, like other age-old therapies such as acupuncture and homeopathy, magnetic field therapy is enjoying a true renaissance in the world of complementary and alternative medicine.

    Two Pulse Wave Forms are used with this device:

    One of the most useful waveforms or shapes of the electromagnetic signal, created is the “sawtooth wave”. It yields the greatest spectrum of frequencies that can be delivered simultaneously. Both the sawtooth signal shape and the square waveform have rise and fall times that are far more abrupt than a simple sine wave. The sharp rise time and fall time produces the maximum impulse or stimulation to the cells thereby recharging them in the most powerful way.

    Triple Sawtooth Frequencies – Energizes Cells

    The iMRS Body Mat uses “sawtooth waves” for application of the entire body. Body Mat may assists the immune system, metabolism, pain, elimination, some sleep disorders, and more! Daily use of the iMRS also augments the results of exercise, yoga and meditation. Also, the body better receives nutrients, detoxification is increased and water absorption is improved.

    Square Wave Frequencies – Targets Inflammation

    The two “square wave” applicators (small Pad (pillow) and Hand Probe) are provided for different applications. The Hand Probe may be used for pain in small joints (finger and jaw), on the elbow, in the case of localized pain (tennis elbow) or on the head area (eye, ear, jaw, nasal cavity). Small Pads and Hand Probe may assist in the repair of fractures, sprains, blunt trauma injuries, infections, etc. It is beneficial for respiratory, digestive, lymphatic circulatory, spine health, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet, dental, eyesight, tinnitus, migraine, wound healing, reflexology, meridians and  acupuncture points.

    Why does the body need the magnetic field of the earth?

    PEMF is vitally essential to our health and well-being. It is a vital source of energy to all living things on this planet. In April 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made history when he orbited the earth with his 1 hour and 48 minute flight. Yuri had air, water, food, light, limited movement and the very best that Russian technology at that time could provide. He was the first to experience space sickness from the exposure to zero magnetic fields due the absence of the earth’s magnetic fields. This was the first demonstration of the profound importance of an unknown essential for life – PEMF. Since that flight, PEMF devices have been used in every space suit and space station.
    Valerie Hunt, Ph.D. who did a research study on energy fields at the University of California, Los Angeles and measured the effects on the body of the absence of environmental magnetic fields. She closely duplicated the zero magnetic field scenario that Yuri Gagarin experienced in his historical flight. Two individuals were placed in the room that had the unique ability to block out magnetic fields of the magnitude of the earth’s magnetic fields and the electromagnetic pollution, which surrounds us. To her amazement, in just a few minute the individuals began to sob and said that they felt like their were falling apart emotionally. In a few more minutes, they began to lose coordination, muscle control, and Ms Hunt had to pull them out to avoid affecting the heart muscle.  All this occurred within just a matter of minutes!