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The Policy of the

Jaconello Wellness Centre

for Integrative and Anti-Aging Medicine

Welcome and thank you for choosing our clinic in your quest for optimum health. We are committed to delivering excellent health care service. We will do all we can to meet your health needs.


Please do not bring any pets into the clinic. Many of our patients suffer from severe environmental allergies and this is for their protection.

Please let us know if a WHEELCHAIR ACCESS is necessary, so we arrange any help needed to enter the building.

You should know that the Centre is very busy and it could be some wait time at the office.

Appointments Reminders

Two business days before your visit, the receptionist will phone with a reminder for booked appointment. Please reply to her message.

The patient/client is ALWAYS responsible to call 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time to reschedule or cancel.

Late cancellation charges and Missed Appointments (no show)

If you are not able to make your appointment as scheduled, your doctor or practitioner needs to know in advance so that other patients who are
waiting for an appointment can be contacted.

If a late cancellation/rescheduling made within the 48-hour period (less than two business days notice is given) the following charges are applied:

  • $150 for a new patient/client visit
  • $75 for a follow-up visit

If you missed an appointment (didn’t show up) without any notice, the full appointment fee will be charged to you. It will depend on who an appointment was with as our practitioners and doctors have different fees.

Laboratory tests results

Our practitioners review all laboratory tests results on a regular basis. You will be contacted only if your lab test results are of an urgent nature.

E-Mail communication

E-mails will be acknowledged in a timely fashion. However, we do not monitor e-mails when the practice is closed for weekends, evenings, statutory holidays, and vacations. Please consider our office hours when you are waiting for a reply to your e-mail.

As a general rule, we will respond to patient e-mail within 72 hours. If you do not receive a response within the designated time period, please call the office to follow up.

Our practitioners will not respond to questions pertaining to your health over email. If you have any questions or concerns over your care, you will have to schedule an appointment. Please telephone (416)463-2911 for an appointment.

If the matter is urgent, please visit your nearest hospital or an urgent care centre.

Privacy, confidentiality and information security

Please ensure that you are using the e-mail address that has been provided by this medical practice; we are not responsible for e-mails sent to the wrong e-mail address.

When communicating with this medical practice by e-mail, you are strongly advised to use your own personal computer, and to use an e-mail address that is password-protected and that only you can access (for example, not at work).

It may be necessary for the office staff or other practitioners filling in for your doctor to access e-mail from patients in the course of their duties. Be assured that they will respect your privacy and will keep your personal information confidential.

If you are uncomfortable in any way about communicating electronically with this medical practice, please call for an in-office appointment.

If you subscribed to our E-mail Newsletter and no longer wish to receive it, you can withdraw your consent at any time. Please let us know by using one of the following methods: by telephone, by mail, in person, by e-mail or clicking on the “unsubscribe from this list” link at the bottom of the E-mail Newsletter and following the instructions.

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