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From Lyme to Life:

Ozone for Treating Lyme Disease

Ozone is a gas that most people have heard about in relation to the atmosphere. While ozone can be dangerous to inhale, other methods of applying ozone to the body have many benefits for many health conditions. Oxygen is O2 (two oxygen molecules). Ozone is O3(three oxygen molecules). Ozone is highly unstable and reacts with many things. When introduced into the human body, it has many biological effects.

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Ozone therapies

“Ozone mitigates the negative effects Lyme Disease has on the body. It re-establishes healthy bio-terrain and neutralizes neurotoxins. It also combats the acidic condition created by Lyme Disease because it is alkalizing.” (Excerpt from “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments: Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine” by Bryan Rosner).

The best way to introduce ozone is to copy here a note from Marc Fett, one of the contributors to this book.

“I looked over the notes of what had the biggest impact – no matter what the pathogen – and ozone stood out predominantly.”

“Further new research showed the multi-faceted character of it that made it a perfect complement … The results were quite significant.” “… ozone becomes an EXTREMELY potent, harmonic and effective adjunct. It is presenting the ideal “one-two punch”.

“And quite fitting. “… and early ozone technology (cold plasma) comes from another near-contemporary genius, Nicola Tesla… ozone uses a gas – oxygen – as a carrier for the electrons to nuke pathogens.”

Ozone provides:

“1. Able to kill spirochetes as well as ANY other pathogenic microbe – virus, bacterial, yeast, mycoplasma, parasite, prion, etc., contacted. In fact, is ATTRACTED to them by polarity.

2. Able to destroy infected cells, as well as mutated, malignant cells.

3. A powerful treatment for candida.

4. An effective adjunct treatment for heavy metal chelation.

5. Pathogens are unable to build a resistance to it.

6. An effective treatment for brain, eyes, ear areas (using ozone applied locally to those areas).

7. As a by-product, provides bio-available oxygen to cells, to start a cascade of metabolic actions toward healing and rejuvenation and galvanizing of the immune system. Ozone breaks down into oxygen and singlet oxygen inside the body.

8. As a by-product, oxidizes toxins, including neurotoxins – THUS MARKEDLY REDUCING HERXES EVEN WHILE KILLING PATHOGENS.

9. As a by-product, scavenges free radicals and helps reverse the extensive free radical damage from a severe systemic infection like Lyme Disease.

10. The oxygenation provides for a more energized state.

11. Helps move pH toward alkaline from the acidic pH induced by chronic disease.

12. Potentiates other remedies, supplements, protocols.

13. Is natural, does not have side-effects, toxicity, or cumulative effects.

14. Is relatively cheap and able to be done at-home, whenever desired.”

This note, which was posted to the Lyme-and-rife group late in 2003, is an excellent summary of the benefits of ozone therapy.

There are several ways to apply ozone therapy including ear insufflation, rectal and vaginal insufflation, ozone sauna, drinking ozonated water, and breathing modified ozone (which has been bubbled through olive oil). Ozone sauna appears to be the most effective, but each method of ozone application has unique benefits. Once a person owns an ozone generator all methods of application are possible (ozone sauna requires a quality sauna cabinet). The basic equipment required to set up ozone therapy is:

1. An ozone generator

2. A source of oxygen

3. Treatment apparatus to apply ozone to the body. A different treatment apparatus is needed for each type of ozone application.




Ozone Therapy

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