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Fee Schedule for Jaconello Wellness Centre


A portion of the visit with Dr. Jaconello is covered by OHIP. A separate cost applies when complementary topics are discussed, as there are areas of therapy that would be considered innovative and thus not covered by OHIP. Dr. Jaconello will inform you as to the demarcation between the OHIP service and the complementary component of your health care.

There are areas of therapy that would be considered innovative and thus not covered by OHIP. These include:

  • Advice and treatment of toxic metal body burden and their removal.
  • Advice on the treatment of autism including diets, nutrient therapy and chelation of toxic metals.
  • Advice on the treatment of cardiovascular disease with EDTA chelation therapy.
  • Implementation of nutritional detoxification programmes.
  • Advice and treatment of non-atopic food allergies as related to elimination diets, environmental precautions and the use of low dose immunotherapy in their management.
  • Advice related to the use of nutritional supplements both orally and parenterally to treat health problems.
  • Advice and treatment of any kind not currently and generally accepted and not considered appropriate by the consensus of the medical profession.

The fee for such services is $64.50 for the first 15 minutes and $21.50 per 5 minutes of discussion thereafter.

Please make sure that both your OHIP number and mailing address are correct. The OHIP claim is submitted on your behalf and then OHIP reimburses you directly. Payment for both the OHIP and complementary part of the visit is paid to Dr Jaconello. The method of payment is cheque, cash or debit. If payment is by cheque, please bring two cheques for your first visit. One cheque is payable to Dr. Jaconello and the other to Preventimed. This latter cheque covers the cost of the test and other practitioner’s visits. PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME OF THE VISIT. Prices are subject to change without notice.

The following costs are COVERED BY OHIP:

Annual Health Exam: $77.20

General Assessment: $77.20

Intermediate Assessment: $38.15

Minor Assessment: $21.70

Counseling 1/2 hour or major part of administrative services: $62.75

Clinic Procedures


Adult: $3.54

Child (ages 2 – 15): $7.35

Infant (under 2 years): $9.90

Reminders and Missed Appointments

Two business days before your visit, the receptionist will phone with a reminder for booked appointment. Please reply to her message. However any cancellations require two business days notice otherwise a charge of $70.00 is applied as for a missed appointment (no show).

Administrative Uninsured Services

It is unlawful for any physician to charge or accept payment for rendering an insured service in excess of the amount payable under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). However, there are a number of services that are not insured by OHIP that might be adjuncts to insured medical services and are administrative in nature.

These uninsured services may be billed directly to you.

As part of your good medical care, is expected that you will be provided from time to time with uninsured services. The following is the cost of each uninsured service that the doctor is professionally obligated to tell you.

A list of these services and their corresponding costs are as follows:

  • Telephone advice provided by me at your request – $250.00 per hour
  • Toll charges for long distance telephone calls – at cost
  • Renewals of prescriptions by telephone or fax- $20.00 per renewal*
  • Providing prescriptions at patient request and no other insured service is provided – $20.00
  • Preparation of Medicolegal reports based on the time taken – $200.00 per hour
  • Completion of various forms, notes and documents – $15.00 – $50.00 per form
  • Sick or return to work note – $15.00
  • Pre-Employment certificate of fitness – $25.00
  • Daycare form to verify free of communicable disease – $15.00
  • Medical report for Canadian Immigrants – $100.00
  • Disability Tax Certificate – $35.00
  • Preparation and transfer of health records when done at patient’s request – $35.00
  • Pregnancy due date verification note – $15.00
  • Photocopying, reproducing or transmitting file data – $30.00 for the first 20 pages and $0.25 per page thereafter.


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Adrian Nasager, Naturopathic Doctor

$120/hour (for appointments that are not a part of a New Patient Program Intake visit). Visits may be covered under a private insurance.